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    Projects and Activities

    Projects and Activities

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    ICOM Russia’s work is based on fundamental ICOM documents: the ICOM Statutes, the Code of Ethics for Museums and the ICOM Strategic Plan. ICOM Russia's activities respond to the challenges and needs of museums and museum specialists, and cover the following aspects:
    • Professional cooperation and exchange among museums;
    • Dissemination of knowledge and raising of public awareness on museums;
    • Capacity building and training of museum personnel;
    • Advancement of professional standards in museum area;
    • Elaboration and promotion of museum professional ethics;
    • Preservation of tangible and intangible heritage and combating the illicit traffic in cultural property. 
    Remarkably, ICOM Russia operates as a full-time working organization on a constant basis, coordinating a number of museum projects, cooperating with partners, and providing consultative and methodological support to its members.