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    ICOM Russia Executive Directorate

    ICOM Russia Executive Directorate

    Olga Chistanova 
    ICOM Russia Executive

    Since November 2020, she has been working for ICOM. She is responsible for representation and spreading information on the activities of the Russian museum community among international and other regional committees of ICOM. Olga runs correspondence with government bodies, various cultural institutions and museum associations. He also provides professional assistance to ICOM individual and collective members. Olga graduated from Syracuse University with a master's degree in Museum Studies.

    Nina I. Kazantsevа
    Head referent 

    Nina I. is responsible for consultation on joining ICOM. She communicates with ICOM Russia collective and individual members about membership fees. She also prepares accompanying documentation for events and other projects.

    Daria Strakhova
    Project Curator 

    Daria joined the ICOM Russia Executive Board on November 2017. She is responsible for informing members about news and conferences, managing projects, and writing announcements and press releases.  Daria maintains the Committees’ website and social media pages, as well as helps in preparing events. She studied Museology at the Saint Petersburg University of Culture and Art History at the Russian State University of the Humanities.