• Counsil of Museum
    ICOM Officials from the Russian Committee

    ICOM Officials from the Russian Committee

    Representatives of ICOM Russia in executive positions/governing bodies in the International Council of Museums
    The Advisory Council of ICOM
    Mr. Alexander Sholokhov, President of ICOM Russia

    Standing Committees

    ETHCOM - Member:
    Mr. Mikhail Gnedovsky, Leading analyst of the Moscow Center for Museum Development

    International Committees

    AVICOM - Members of Executive Board
    Ms. Natalia Tolstaya, Director, Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts, President of NP ADIT;
    Ms. Olga Kissel, Director, Internet Festival of Museum Multimedia "Museum Geek"
    CAMOC – Member of Executive Board
    Ms. Irina Smagina, Deputy Director for international and regional relations, Museum of Moscow 

    ICLM – President
    Ms. Galina Alekseeva, Head of the Academic Research Department, Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate “Yasnaya Polyana”
    - Member of Executive Council
    Ms. Galina Belonovich, Director, State memorial Musical Museum-Reserve of P.I. Tchaikovsky

    ICOMAM – Member of Executive Board
    Ms. Elena Porodina, Executive Secretary, Central Museum of Armed Forces – Federal Institute under the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense

    ICOFOM – Member of Presidium, General Secretary for ICOFOM Study Series, ICOFOM Communication
    Ms. Anna Leshchenko, Russian State University for the Humanities, Department of Museology, Lecturer